If dietary advice, nutritional and herbal supplements or breathing exercises are not the ideal treatment, Mim will refer you to a trusted colleague who has the set of skills you need to heal.

  • Michelle Brown

    Michelle Brown

    Michelle Brown is a former student of mine at ACNT… very impressive too! Michelle has a passion for teaching people how to eat well, and is particularly good at explaining the ins and outs of how to create delicious recipes that happen to be gluten free and sugar free. Michelle conducts regular workshops including…

    • Saying no to Sugar - learn how to set yourself up for a great day, key nutrients found in foods that naturally support blood sugar balance, food combining tricks to keep your hunger at bay, healthy ideas that still taste great plus much more.
    • A beginners guide to Going Gluten free Gracefully – take the stress out of creating a gluten free lifestyle, learn that gluten free is not always healthy just because its gluten free and how gluten affects our microbiome plus a whole lot more.
  • The Dinner Ladies

    The Dinner Ladies

    Slow Fast Food. If life is too hectic for you to shop and cook good wholesome food, the Dinner Ladies is a welcome resource. Each week they create a new menu from which you choose your meals. Tasty, nutritional fare.

  • The Foodologist

    The Foodologist

    Naturopathic nutritionist and herbalist, Libby Nathan, practices as The Foodologist, which encompasses her private clinic, wholefood cooking classes and corporate health programs.

    Combining her science background with nutritional medicine, Libby guides her clients towards better health with wholefoods, herbal remedies and lifestyle practices. Through her cooking classes, she translates her core nutrition principles into deliciously healthy everyday food.

    Her approach is empowering and her passion is contagious.