• Practically Cured:

    I’m practically cured!! Within about 10 minutes of rinsing with ‘your drops’, I could feel my tongue and mouth feeling better. So I think definitely on the right path. I’ve left it till this morning to email as mouth about 80% cured – Went to a long lunch with friends yesterday and for the first time in months actually felt like talking with people – so many thanks.


  • Disgusting...but good!:

    Hi Mim,

    I came to see you around 20 years ago in Surry Hills when you were just near the station with a flu that was coming on hard and fast, and I just didn’t have time to be sick. You gave me the recipe for Lemon/Ginger tea, which I thought sounded absolutely disgusting but I was so desperate I went and bought the ingredients for it anyway then went home to drink it and rest. Lo and behold, the next day I was almost 100% fine! I have been a convert ever since, and turned SO many people onto that miracle-remedy tea. I have since lived in London, Vancover and now Singapore, so you’re tea is known around the world! So, thank you! I also have 2 of your previous books and can’t wait to buy this one … I am going to ask my husband for it for Christmas :o)

    I also see that you are donating 10% of the profits to Monika’s … I am a huge supporter of her too and this makes me love you even more! That’s wonderful news and thanks so much for supporting such a wonderful cause, and also hopefully letting more people know it exists.

    So, I can’t make it to your book launch but wish I could. I wish you all the very best for you, and thank you for your long-distance health care over the past 20 years, as your first book in particular has been quite a bible and sits next to me now as I type :o)

    Warm regards, Trish

  • Emma loves Mim's Help Yourself A-Z Book:

    Firstly THANK YOU for all your wonderful work. I have finally found my passion in the natural health area and am now persuing that as best I can on a tight budget. I am unable to afford to do courses at the moment but that isnt stopping me. I found your book “Help Yourself A-Z” at my local library and, after having it way too long, had to hand it back. I have been looking into purchasing it but it seems that no one has an issue. I loved this book because it covered such a diverse range of health options when most books specialize in just one area. I am an old fashion kind of woman and love hard copies to thumb through at my leisure so eBooks are not my cup of tea. So in short I was hoping you could direct me to somewhere that sells your book. It really needs to be in my collection. Oh and thanks again for the amazing information and solidifying my direction. I have always wondered what I would be when I grew up.

    Finally at 36 I know! Best wishes.

    Emma, thank you for your kind words. Sadly, there are no A-Z’s still in captivity. However, I am writing an updated version right now, to be published in 2013. I will let you know when it is available via the newsletter. In the meantime good luck in your new career. Mx

  • Katja and her Help Yourself bible:

    I have just discovered that my bible is in fact your book Help Yourself. I have had and treasured it for many years; it’s the book I go to before any other. Thank you for writing it. Amazing!!

  • Brooke's eczema is clearing up:

    Thought I’d update you on my hands again. They are at the moment THE BEST they have ever been although since we last spoke I have had two lapses in my diet and instantly the following day were THE WORST they have ever been one incident was from a single mouthful of chocolate ice cream, I couldn’t even bend or use my hands they were that swollen cracked and bleeding… Although the recovery time has increased dramatically.

    Thankyou so much your knowledge and guidance has truly given me a new lease on life. As you could imagine being a beauty therapist to have anything at all wrong with my hands causes great problems for me. You’re the best.

  • Alison on the benefits of buteyko:

    Thank you so much for running this course. I know I have greatly benefited, my quality of sleep is better & it’s amazing how less stressed I feel even when I have so much to do & never get it all done! The new way of breathing has brought numerous health benefits. Even my hayfever is nowhere near as bad as it usually is this time of year.

    Thank you again Mim. I feel very humbled and grateful for the gift you have given us as it will have lifelong benefits. You are one of the angels sent our way to help us on this journey.

  • Cheryl H finds better health through buteyko:

    Thank you Mim for showing me the way to better health with the Buteyko method. After the initial shock of taping my mouth at night, I now sleep better and feel wonderful. Listening to the relaxation and breathing tape twice a day has increased my energy levels and decreased the awful symptoms of anxiety by 90%. I went from a score of 62 on the chart to 5 last week after doing the simple exercises and mouth taping for 5 weeks.Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your knowledge and putting me on the path to good health and enjoyment of life.

  • Claire on her journey to overcome chronic fatigue syndrome:

    Thank you for being the single most inspiring person on my current journey (I would like to call it a detour, but that would be to ignore the significant impact it has had on my life and would diminish the changes and improvements I have made). I choose to believe that ultimately, it will be a positive impact. I sincerely mean it when I tell you that I truly appreciate your help and that I would come and see you weekly if I could, but that would become most tiresome for you! Thank you for your advice, guidance and above all the herbs!

    Many thanks Mim.

  • Debra's colitis is no longer flaring up:

    Sorry I haven’t been in touch for what seems like ages - my health has improved 100% - I have not had a colitis flare up since you put me on intestamine.

    I have been on a very good diet whilst my husband was overseas for the most of last year - since he has come back it went bad again but we are now both trying to eat really well.

    Thank you for your newsletters which I always enjoy.

    Thank you again for all your patience with me last year - I always hold you in the highest regards.

    All the best

  • Sue loves our Regularity herbal tea:

    Guess it’s true to say that no one can ever get enough plaudits … so I thought I would add mine to the list …

    Since starting on your ‘Regularity’ herbal tea some months ago, I have not had to buy anything off the shelf at the Supermarket or at the chemist … I adjust the cups depending on what sort of non-healthy food I have eaten through the day!! Am so thrilled the tea has worked so well, as for most of my life I have relied here and there on some help.

    Hurrah for natural therapy … all the very best to you … cheers.

  • Emily met Mim doing iridology:

    About 12 or so years ago I came into the city and found myself at a book signing of yours with my family. You were doing iridology there and you picked up in me, as a 13 year old that I had digestive issues. Anyway, years down the track, I actually have been told I have an inflammatory bowel condition called ulcerative colitis. I have tried modern medicine, steroids etc but am interested to perhaps look at a more alternate way of healing my body.

    I am still pretty young, at 25 and feel as though with the right balance and care, I can reverse this condition. Looking forward to our appointment.

    Emily… I have had a fair amount of experience working with ulcerative colitis, and hope I can help you too.
    Regards Mim

  • Evelyn T has achieved goal weight:

    Just to let you know that I have reached my weight goal as I am now back to 9 stone. Thank you for getting me back on track. This was achieved by cutting back on porridge and bread only as I still eat up to 6 x pieces of fruit daily. I avoid bananas and the sweeter fruits such as grapes and pineapple. Many thanks again. With all good wishes,

  • Sarah B shares her sugar free journey:

    I have been on a journey for nearly 12 months now…a journey to look after myself after years of focusing on my family, my children, my husband, my everything else I could possibly do…except look after me! But tired of lost days on the couch or in bed, feeling like absolute crap… I finally made the appointment, that led to another and another…until I made it…to where I am now…

    While at first the days passed slowly and it felt near impossible to stick with the ‘Sugar Free’ journey, I started to notice changes. The pain I had been experiencing in my abdomen, ceased to occur.

    Then slowly but surely, I could actually touch my tummy without any discomfort…bliss… Eventually I have been able to pull my tummy in a little as there was no swelling or pain. My daughter even commented, ‘Mummy I’ve never seen you pull your tummy like that before.’

    So now after the 30 days on the Sugar Free journey I do feel absolutely fantastic. I can honestly say, it is now satisfying to have a small bowl of ricotta and fruit, while other family members have icecream or cake. It is remarkable and I am so very proud of myself. After eating I still feel fresh, not heavy or most importantly, I don’t feel guilty.

    Thank you so much for putting me on this journey. Best place I’ve been in years!!!

  • Linda has cold turkey crankiness:

    After an initial weekend of cold turkey crankiness, I survived the month of October without sugar. I’ve always been a big ingredient reader, but never realised how much sugar is added to our food. It turns out that I really didn’t miss the sugar. My skin is clearer and I lost just over 2 kilos.

    Thank you – and keep the newsletters coming.

  • Sarah D goes sugar free for a month:

    Well, I did it! …and without too much stress I might add.

    Once I had made up my mind it was easy to do. I don’t know that I could have done it without being able to have some fruit everyday, but that was all the sweetness I seemed to need. It’s amazing how sweet some foods taste when you aren’t eating sugar. I found cashew nuts are very sweet and I’ve never noticed that before. In my fourth week I was tempted by a Magnum ice cream bought for me by a good natured saboteur, it was sickly sweet (although I’ll have to admit I still enjoyed it!).

    As for the benefits…well I lost two kilos without any feelings of deprivation, and generally feel okay. I’ll see if I can keep it up, but with Christmas coming up fast, I can’t guarantee that I’ll keep it up.

  • Renee praises our lovely teas:

    Hi Mim, I have just purchased and tried your Settle Pettle and Go-Go tisanes. I have enjoyed them so much that I felt compelled to tell you that they are without doubt the best teas I have ever had! Thank you for creating such lovely teas!

  • Solange and bub are feeling great:

    I’ve been feeling great and I know it’s because I’ve been eating really well & keeping my stress levels low and emotions under control. I can thank you for inspiring me to take charge of my health – you’ve taught me (and in turn I’ve taught my family) so much and I apply the basic health priciples every day. It’s just a way of life now. Much love.

  • Natalie gets great results:

    Thanks Mim. I’m getting great results with the Glow tea – so many people are commenting on how radiant my skin looks!

  • Aleese craves a cool change:

    Mim, I am absolutely psychotic without your tea Cool Change. I had never really taken much notice of herbs or would have thought they could be so powerful. Thank you.

  • Charlotte finds the right book, and right advice on gluten:

    I met you when I was visiting Sydney about 10 years ago when I popped into your office to tell about my constant (adult) breakouts. I shared that I was tired of dermatologists prescribing creams. My one hour+ with you was so enlightening. And I am still so grateful that I met you. I was probably 33 at the time. After so many years wondering why my chin area kept breaking out I was so relieved to learn about my gluten intolerance… and my skin has been terrific ever since … Your book A-Z. You were kind enough to just give me a copy when we met. It was one of my absolute favorites to keep referring to. (I read that book left to right, upside down and sideways.)

  • Jane B says thank you from a happy healthy vegan:

    Thank you so much for your positive response to the ‘healthy vegan diet’ question in the weekend paper (Body & Soul). I’ve been a healthy vegan for 6 years and have noticed lately that a lot of naturopaths in Sydney are becoming ‘Paleo pushers’ and seem to undermine the vegan diet instead of respecting their clients beliefs.

  • Shannon has a case of thrush:

    I’ve dealt with systemic thrush issues on and off for about 3 years now and I must say that I finally have come across this article and it was the most in detail and conclusive information I’ve read. Most websites contradict one another and leave me with little hope and rather confused about what to try next but this confirmed several remedies all in one place!

    I just wanted to say thank you for making this information available online since there seems to be little out there on effective alternatives for women who choose to avoid anti-fungal treatments. The side affects are downright frightening and can be extremely painful (from first hand experience). Sooo.

    Yeah, thanks =)